SQA L&D11 internal verifier qualification

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  • Military Training Package
  •   This Unit is Designed For:


      Those who will be monitoring assessment processes and decisions within an organisation and helping to maintain and improve the quality of workplace assessment.
      It can be acquired by those who will verify work-based National Vocational Qualifications (SVQ or NVQ) or in-company standards 

      This Unit is Appropriate for You if You:


    Have access in the workplace to two qualified and practicing assessors for the purpose of verification activities 


    Are willing to verify assessment decisions 


    Can judge whether the assessor’s performance is acceptable and satisfies the requirements of the standard(s) being assessed/assessment process 


     Can correctly complete the verification paperwork/reports 


     Can give and write constructive feedback to the assessor on the results of the internal verification 


    Have a basic understanding of the English language 

      What the ONE DAY Classroom Learning Programme covers:
    Preparing to carry out internal Quality Assurance 
    Planning internal Quality Assurance
    Carrying out planned monitoring of the quality of assessments 
    Providing assessors with feedback, advice and support to help them maintain and improve their assessment practice 
    Meeting appropriate external Quality Assurance requirements


      What’s Included in the Cost?


       Delivery of training from one of our experienced Instructors
    Registration with the awarding body
    All training materials (Includes a comprehensive delegate reference book
    Access to CAZ e-portfolio system including resources (internet access required)
    Certificate from SQA