SQA EV Qualifications Compliance Audit


ITB Competence Assurance Ltd, as a SQA Qualification Awarding Centre, is subject to regular audits by the SQA External Verifier Team; during an SQA EV Visit 1st September 2022 ITB were audited by the SQA Senior External Qualifications Verifier to confirm that we still meet the standards set by L&D9, L&D9DI and LD11 for qualifying Assessors and Verifiers.

A range of candidate portfolios, from clients and individual candidates worldwide, were selected for audit, both for Workplace Assessor Qualification and IQA Verifier Qualification.

The audit was, as normal, rigorous and we are delighted to advise that the ensuing SQA Visit Report confirmed that ITB has yet again received the highest ratings possible for its Resources, Candidate Support and Maintenance of SQA standards, which not only meet the evidential standards but also follow SQA guidelines for preparation, planning, training, coaching and guiding candidates through their qualification journey.

The EV audit results are presented in the well-known ‘traffic light’ format and ITB received the green light in all categories, Great achievement for all the Team. 


Since 2020 ITB has made a concious effort to go digital and implement a Competence Managament System that fit in with our Training and Assessment requirements. Since using Mintra Training Portal in 2021 we have seen a huge improvement with candidates supported and completing faster than ever with our streamline content. 


Thank you to all our exsiting clinets who make training and assessment so enjoyable.