CLIENT: Plexus Ocean Systems.

Plexus Logo CLIENT: Plexus Ocean Systems.

SERVICES: Audit, support with CMS creation, assessor and verifier training.

DATE: February 2013 – April 2014

SUMMARY: The Plexus contract began in February 2013 with an audit of the existing competency procedures and this led to ITB facilitating supported discussion to support the creation of a bespoke system in line with OPITO requirements. Following the successful build of the system,

ITB provided tailored training for internal assessors and verifiers as they obtained the necessary qualifications to implement the new programme. The client required a system which is: Capable of expansion at a later date; designed to add value to the organisation; not viewed as a box ticking exercise by employees; not overly time consuming; devoid of unnecessary paperwork; capable of meeting OPITO audit standards.

ITB worked closely with the Plexus team to ensure all of those requests were met and completed the first phase of the project in November 2013. Work continues to expand the system across the business.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: Plexus Ocean Systems is an oil and gas engineering and services company with a commitment to changing global drilling standards through innovation in equipment and services designed to improve safety and minimising costs. Its POS-GRIP Wellhead System has been used on more than 300 wells worldwide. The company places competency assurance high on its list of priorities and partnered with ITB to create a package which meets its expanding business needs.

Anita Martin, HR director of Plexus, said: “Competence is a difficult area and one in which you need full management buy in to make it work, something we were determined to achieve. ITB Competence Assurance complimented our approach perfectly and we were delighted with the response through the consultancy, support and training provided.  The staff engaged well, which has been vital to the success of the project.

“The best thing about dealing with ITB was the personal contact and the instant rapport they were capable of achieving which made the journey much easier than we had anticipated.  We feel that ITB complemented our approach perfectly and look forward to doing further business with them.”