This Unit is Designed For:

  Those who will be monitoring assessment processes and decisions within an organisation and helping to maintain and improve the quality of workplace assessment.

  It can be acquired by those who will verify work-based National       Vocational Qualifications (SVQ or NVQ) or in-company standards

  This Unit is Appropriate for You if You:

    • Have access in the workplace to two qualified and practicing assessors for the purpose of verification activities

    • Are willing to verify assessment decisions

    • Can judge whether the assessor’s performance is acceptable and satisfies the requirements of the standard(s) being assessed/assessment process

    • Can correctly complete the verification paperwork/reports

    • Can give and write constructive feedback to the assessor on the results of the internal verification

    • Have a basic understanding of the English language


  What the ONE DAY Classroom Learning Programme covers:

    1. Preparing to carry out internal Quality Assurance

    2. Planning internal Quality Assurance

    3. Carrying out planned monitoring of the quality of assessments

    4. Providing assessors with feedback, advice and support to help them maintain and improve their assessment practice

    5. Meeting appropriate external Quality Assurance requirements

  What’s Included in the Cost?

  •     Delivery of training from one of our experienced Instructors
  •     Registration with the awarding body
  •     All training materials (Includes a comprehensive delegate reference book)
  •     Access to CAZ e-portfolio system including resources (internet access required)
  •     Certificate from SQA

        For more information please contact us on 01224 640170 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Classroom Courses

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Online Courses

We have transferred the quality and rigour our clients have come to expect from our classroom training into online courses. Our focus is on high quality, easy to follow, user-friendly course materials that can be accessed on any device including tablets and mobile phones.
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Competence Management Services

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ITB Competence Assurance has been established as a specialist in Assessment, Internal Verification, Competency Audits and Competence Management Consultancy since 2001

When it comes to training, you wont see us offering a large range of different training courses, no, we focus on what we do best Assessor and Verifier Training

All our Trainers have training qualifications and they are also qualified Assessors and Internal Verifiers. Our Competence Auditors are qualified to Senior Auditor level and our Competence Management Consultants have many years of experience under their belts

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality customer-focused, flexible, and friendly training and services to industries worldwide -that is what ITB is all about and that is why we are so successful

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Clyde Training Solutions and ITB

Military Picture


Clyde Training Solutions and ITB announce creation of Offshore and Renewables Training Packages for Armed Forces Personnel

Clyde Training Solutions (CTS) have partnered with ITB Competence Assurance Limited (ITB) to develop training packages specifically aimed at armed forces personnel wishing to transition to the Energy Sector.

This joint venture brings together training providers focused on providing the highest level of training for personnel entering sectors for the first time, and which recognises the challenges faced by Armed Forces personnel undertaking with this process.

David Christie, Training Director and Founder of ITB, a Careers Transition Partnership accredited training provider, commented of the creation of these bespoke Offshore Oil & Gas (OOGE) and Renewables (RWE) focused packages, and what each party would bring to the table:

“The ITB TAP™ Transition Accelerator Programme has been designed with Armed Forces Personnel in mind, as we recognise the problems Armed Forces personnel face when entering civilian work life, and are designed to prepare individuals with the business and non-technical insight required for each of these industries."

“Both OOGE and RWE Programmes have Subject Matter Experts who will provide a true and honest overview, appreciation and understanding of ‘what actually is required in the Sector’ created through a mix of theory, group discussions, interactive and practical learning methods.”

Adam Wright, Global Business Development Manager for CTS, echoed those thoughts: “We pride ourselves at CTS, on providing delegates with not only the necessary training and knowledge to entre these sectors for the first time, but the support where practical to do so.

“In ITB we saw a partner who understood that beyond just initial training, these Armed Forces personnel often need guidance to understand the personal behavioural attributes to be a successful member of what is a new sector, and we believe together our training can provide the technical and personal attributes needed.”

To find out more about the Offshore Oil & Gas Energy (OOGE) and Renewables Wind Sector (RWE) Transition Packages, visit: